U.S. Geological Survey Open-File Report 09-0346
Trends in Precipitation Chemistry in the United States, 1983-1994: An Analysis of the Effects in 1995 of Phase I of the Clean Air Act Amendments of 1990, Title IV

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Table A.1.

Algorithms for adjusting pre-1994 NADP/NTN data for the effects of contamination from the lid o-ring. The “cor” and “unc” subscripts designate the concentrations that are corrected or uncorrected for the o-ring. Volume (Vol) is in mL and pH is in pH units. Volume restriction categories for the algorithms with volume and pH factors are listed. These corrections effectively limit the size of the corrections at very low and very high pH values.

Volume-Only Factors:

Cacor = Caunc - (3.70/Vol) (1 - exp-0.00214Vol)

Mgcor = Caunc - (2.21/Vol (1 - exp -0.00252Vol)

NH4cor = NH4unc - (8.46/Vol (1 - exp-0.00287Vol)

Clcor = Clunc - (5.04/Vol) (1 - exp-0.00269Vol)

Volume and pH Factors:




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