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Stratigraphic Framework of Cambrian and Ordovician Rocks in the Central Appalachian Basin from Medina County, Ohio, through Southwestern and South-Central Pennsylvania to Hampshire County, West Virginia

By Robert T. Ryder, Anita G. Harris, and John E. Repetski

Revised and digitized by Robert D. Crangle, Jr.

Version 2.0 (2003)
(Originally published in 1992)

Version History

Bulletin 1839-K was published in 1992. It is being put online in July 2003 with revisions and is being called version 2.0. There is no online version 1.0. The text has not been changed from that which was published originally, but plate 1 includes a gamma-ray log trace, placed beside each well, which was not included on the original version of the plate.

Contact: Robert T. Ryder or Robert D. Crangle, Jr.
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