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The Midcontinent of the United States—Permissive Terrane for an Olympic Dam-Type Deposit?

Edited by Walden P. Pratt and P.K. Sims

thumbnail image of figure 2: Middle Proterozoic Iron Oxide-Rich Districts

This publication is a collection of papers resulting from the U.S. Geological Survey "Midcontinent Olympic Dam Workshop" held in February 1988. The Olympic Dam deposit in South Australia is one of the largest ore deposits in the world and is the "type" example of this deposit class. It is a hydrothermal iron oxide deposit containing significant amounts of copper, uranium, gold, and rare-earth elements. The search for another such deposit has led to comparisons between the geologic, geochemical, and geophysical characteristics of the Olympic Dam deposit and those of other deposits in this class, especially those in the permissive Midcontinent terrane of the United States.

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Posted 1999

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