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Lithofacies and Palynostratigraphy of Some Cretaceous and Paleocene Rocks, Surghar and Salt Range Coal Fields, Northern Pakistan

By Peter D. Warwick, Shahid Javed, S. Tahir A. Mashhadi, Tariq Shakoor, Asrar M. Khan, and A. Latif Khan

U.S. Geological Survey Bulletin 2096

Prepared in cooperation with the Geological Survey of Pakistan, under the auspices of the Agency for International Development, U.S. Department of State, and the Government of Pakistan.

This report includes discussions on the lithofacies, depositional environments, palynobiostratigraphy, coal quality, and measured sections of Cretaceous and Paleocene strata of northern Pakistan



  1. Index map of part of northern Pakistan showing the study area and locations of measured sections and sample sites
  2. Generalized stratigraphic section of the rocks exposed in the Surghar Range study area
  3. Photographs and diagrams of exposed Cretaceous and Paleocene rocks in the Surghar Range
       Figure 3A
       Figure 3B
       Figure 3C
  4. Cross section showing stratigraphic relation of exposed Upper Cretaceous and lower Paleocene rocks in the Surghar Range


  1. Summary of palynological data from Surghar and Salt Range pollen samples
  2. Descriptive summary of Surghar and Salt Range coal samples
  3. Averaged selected analytical results from Surghar Range coal samples

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