B2158 - Laccolith Complexes of Southeastern Utah:  Time of Emplacement and Tectonic Setting -- Workshop Proceedings



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Three well-known laccolith complexes of southeastern Utah, the Henry, La Sal, and Abajo Mountains, have similar petrogenesis, tectonic control, and lithophile hydrothermal mineralization. These complexes were the principle subjects of a U.S. Geological Survey sponsored workshop on July 6 and 7, 1992, in Denver, Colo., convened by Jules D. Friedman and A. Curtis Huffman, Jr. The purpose of the workshop was to present and clarify new field and laboratory data in order to (1) provide an analog for Cordilleran laccolith fields on intracratonic blocks; (2) narrow the age range of Colorado Plateau laccoliths by consideration of errors in earlier dating attempts in relation to recent high-precision 40Ar/ 39Ar and fission-track dates; (3) relate distribution of southeastern Utah intrusive centers to tectonics and structures; (4) associate emplacement of laccolith complexes on the Colorado Plateau with specific tectonomagmatic events and possible thermal events of the mantle; and (5) define possible economic ore- deposit implications. This report summarizes much of the material presented at the workshop and provides an extensive list of selected references pertaining to geochronology and tectonics of the Colorado Plateau to facilitate further research.

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