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Bulletin 2191

Pathways of Metal Transfer from Mineralized Sources to Bioreceptors: A Synthesis of the Mineral Resources Program’s Past Environmental Studies in the Western United States and Future Research Directions

Edited by Laurie S. Balistrieri and Lisa L. Stillings


SEM scan Scanning electron microscope (SEM) image of a single detrital silicate grain coated with Pb/Fe/Mn oxide from the surficial floodplain soil in Smelterville Flats (from Chapter 6, figure 6A)

Chapter 1: Introduction to Pathways of Metal Transfer from Mineralized Sources to Bioreceptors as a PDF document (168 kB). By Roger P. Ashley, Elizabeth A. Bailey, Laurie S. Balistrieri, Andrea L. Foster, Larry P. Gough, Floyd Gray, Randolph A. Koski, James J. Rytuba, Robert R. Seal II, Kathleen S. Smith, Lisa L. Stillings, and Richard B. Wanty

Chapter 2
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Chapter 3
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Chapter 4: Biogeochemical and Biochemical Pathway Investigations of Cadmium in Subarctic Ecosystems Using a Cadmium Accumulator Species (willow) as a PDF document (1.4 MB). By L.P. Gough, R.F. Sanzolone, J.G. Crock, A.L. Foster, P.J. Lamothe, C.M. Ager, and C.A. Gent

Chapter 5
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Chapter 6: Impacts of historical mining in the Coeur d’Alene River Basin as a PDF document (2.5 MB). By Laurie S. Balistrieri, Stephen E. Box, Arthur A. Bookstrom, Robert L. Hooper, and J. Brian Mahoney

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