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Water in Storage and Approaches to Ground-Water Management, High Plains Aquifer, 2000

By V.L. McGuire, M.R. Johnson, R.L. Schieffer, J.S. Stanton, S.K. Sebree, and I.M. Verstraeten

U.S. Geological Survey Circular 1243

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The High Plains aquifer is the principal source for irrigation and drinking water in one of the major agricultural areas in the Nation. For any natural resource (for example, water, minerals, or energy), decisions about future utilizations depend on having a clear understanding of the status of the resource, the amount that has already been extracted, the amount remaining, and the impact of further depletion. This Circular reports on the available water in the High Plains aquifer in 2000 and the changes that have taken place in recent decades. The Circular is intended to help those who are interested or involved in the protection, management, and sustainable use of the High Plains aquifer to understand it better and make the best possible decisions. The information is based on the cooperative efforts of local, State, and Federal agencies to monitor water levels throughout the aquifer on a regular basis.


Robert M. Hirsch
Associate Director for Water




Selected Regional Studies of the High Plains Aquifer

Selected Local Studies of the High Plains Aquifer

Characteristics of the High Plains Aquifer

Water-Level Monitoring

Water in Storage, 2000

Box A. Basic Concepts of Water in Storage in the Aquifer

Changes in Water in Storage, Predevelopment to 2000

Box B. Increased Energy Costs Caused by Declining Water Levels

Approaches to Ground-Water Management




New Mexico


South Dakota



Summary and Concluding Remarks




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The citation for this report, in USGS format, is as follows:


McGuire, V.L., Johnson, M.R., Schieffer, R.L., Stanton, J.S., Sebree, S.K., and Verstraeten, I.M., 2003, Water in storage and approaches to ground-water management, High Plains aquifer, 2000: U.S. Geological Survey Circular 1243, 51 p.


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