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Plot of normative [anorthite/(orthoclase+anorthite)] x 100 versus normative [quartz/(quartz+orthoclase+albite+anorthite)] x
100 (ANOR versus Q’. For a more detailed explanation, contact Richard Tollo at rtollo@gwu.edu    Figure 4. Plot of normative [anorthite/(orthoclase + anorthite)] × 100 versus normative [quartz/(quartz + orthoclase + albite + anorthite)] × 100 (ANOR versus Q′, after Streckeisen and Le Maitre, 1979). Normative compositions calculated with Fe2+/Fetotal=0.9. Numbered field labels include (1) alkali feldspar granite, and (2) syenogranite. Abbreviations for lithologic units include: Yfqj, low-silica charnockite (farsundite and quartz jotunite); Ygr, Old Rag magmatic suite (after Hackley, 1999); Ygg, garnetiferous alkali feldspar granite and syenogranite; Ylgg, leucogranite gneiss; Yfh, Flint Hill Gneiss; Ybg, biotite granitoid gneiss; Yfpg, foliated pyroxene granite; Ylgn, layered granodiorite gneiss; Ycf, high-silica charnockite (charnockite and farsundite); Yg, garnetiferous granite gneiss; Ypqd, pyroxene quartz diorite; Ylg, leucocratic granitoid and megacrystic granite gneiss.

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