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Generalized geologic map of the north-central Virginia Blue Ridge. For a more detailed explanation, contact Richard Tollo @rtollo@gwu.edu Figure 9. Generalized geologic map of the north-central Virginia Blue Ridge illustrating the location of major Paleozoic high-strain zones, including (from south to north) RVHSZ, Rockfish Valley high-strain zone; WOHSZ, White Oak high-strain zone; GRHSZ, Garth Run high-strain zone; QRHSZ, Quaker Run high-strain zone; CVHSZ, Champlain Valley high-strain zone; and SHSZ, Sperryville high-strain zone. Geology based, in part, on Virginia Division of Mineral Resources (1993); high-strain zones based on 1:24,000- and 1:100,000-scale mapping by authors.

U.S. Department of the Interior, U.S. Geological Survey
URL: https:// pubs.usgs.gov /circ/2004/1264/html/trip2/fig9.html
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