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Photographs of sample sites. For a more detailed explanation, contact Paul Bierman at pbierman@zoo.uvm.edu.
Figure 10. Photographs of sample sites; people for scale. A, Outcrop just above Mather Gorge is fluvially rounded and polished, indicating little loss of mass from the surface since initial exposure. Sample GF-117 was collected here. B, Shattered outcrop of schist showing possible evidence of frost weathering. This is a common morphology for outcrops downstream of Black Pond. Sample GF-75 was collected near here. C, Outcrop from which sample GF-86 was collected is covered for the most part by fine-grained sediment. Fine-grained red soil is exposed behind the outcrop, which stands only 20 cm (8 in) above the ground surface.

U.S. Department of the Interior, U.S. Geological Survey
URL: https:// pubs.usgs.gov /circ/2004/1264/html/trip6/fig10.html
For more information, contact Paul Bierman
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