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Synoptic and schematic cross section of the nested straths. For a more detailed explanation, contact Paul Bierman at pbierman@zoo.uvm.edu.
Figure 2. Synoptic and schematic cross section of the nested straths (Zen, 1997a). Elevations are appropriate for the entrance to Mather Gorge. Also shown are the upland surface and the Miocene-Pliocene fluvial deposit sequence found at Tysons Corner. Elevations of features are approximate. The profile of Difficult Run, a tributary entering the river near the end of Mather Gorge, is schematic except for the elevations of the knickpoints; these have been adjusted for the effect of longitudinal declinations of the straths. Horizontal distance not to scale.

U.S. Department of the Interior, U.S. Geological Survey
URL: https:// pubs.usgs.gov /circ/2004/1264/html/trip6/fig2.html
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