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Coal Resources Available for Development - A Methodology and Pilot Study

By Jane R. Eggleston1, M. Devereux Carter1, and James C. Cobb2
U.S. Geological Survey, Reston, VA 20192, 2Kentucky Geological Survey, Lexington, KY.

Table 4. Technological restrictions to underground mining, Matewan quadrangle
[Expressed as percentages of total]

Bed is less than 28 in thick 51.9
More minable coal bed is within 40 ft above or below 36.3
Active or abandoned mine is within 40 ft above or below 9.2
Deep mine barrier pillars adjacent to previous mines 1.6
Beds deeper than 1,000 ft 0.8
Oil and gas wells 0.2
Total: 228 million short tons (23% of original coal)

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