"Coasts in Crisis," by S. Jeffress Williams, Kurt Dodd, and Kathleen Krafft Gohn.

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This online version of "Coasts in Crisis" contains the text of the originally published book in its entirety. Some figures, however, have been changed for purposes of online presentation.

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Williams, S. Jeffress.
Coasts in crisis / by S. Jeffress Williams, Kurt Dodd, and Kathleen K. Gohn.
p. cm. -- (Public issues in earth science) (U.S. Geological Survey circular ; 1075)
Includes bibliographic references.
Supt. of Docs. no.: I 19.4/2:1075
1. Coast changes. I. Dodd, Kurt. II. Gohn, Kathleen K. III. Title. IV. Series V. Series: U.S. Geological Survey circular ; 1075
GB451.2.W55 1991


As the Nation's principal conservation agency, the Department of the Interior has responsibility for most of our nationally owned public lands and natural resources. This includes fostering the wisest use of our land and water resources, protecting our fish and wildlife, preserving the environmental and cultural values of our national parks and historical places, and providing for the enjoyment of life through outdoor recreation. The Department assesses our energy and mineral resources and works to assure that their development is in the best interests of all our people. The Department also has a major responsibility for American Indian reservation communities and for people who live in Island Territories under U.S. administration.

Coasts in Crisis
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