ERRATA --USGS Circular 1182


1) 2nd paragraph, 7th line from top:: replace "Harvey" with "Arvey" Swanson.

2) 2nd paragraph, 10th line from top: insert "Eve Kuniansky (U.S. Geological Survey)," before "and".

3) 2nd paragraph, 14th line from top: insert "Maurice Tatlow (Arizona Department of Water Resources), " before "and".

4) 2nd paragraph, 6th line from bottom: replace "Dan" Yobi with "Dann" Yobi


1) p. 5, ignore red-ink date at bottom margin of page.

Mining Ground Water:

Houston-Galveston, Texas

1) p. 36, graphic at bottom of page: replace "Disrict" with "District" after Harris-Galveston Coastal Subsidence.

2) p. 38, reference to graphic at bottom of page: replace "Houston-Galveston" with "Harris-Galveston" before Coastal Subsidence District.

3) p. 45, sidebar-Subsidence activates faults, 1st paragraph, 5th line from top: replace "Holzshuh" with "Holzschuh" in citation.

4) p. 48, caption to photo at bottom of page: replace "sunset" with "sunrise".

Las Vegas, Nevada

1) p. 54, caption to photos at bottom of page, 4th line from bottom: insert "the" between "later" and "well".

2) p. 69, caption for graphic at top of page, 4th line from top: insert a hyphen between "water" and "level".

Collapsing Cavities:

The Retsof Salt Mine Collapse

1) p. 115, graphic at bottom of page: replace "Onondoga" with "Onondaga".

The Role of Science:

1) p. 143, reference for graphic at top of page: the reference to Borchers and others (1998) is omitted in the reference list under Role of Science. Insert the following after the Blomquist reference:

"Borchers, J.W., Gerber, M., Wiley, J., and Mitten, H.T., 1998, Using down-well television surveys to evaluate land subsidence damage to water wells in the Sacramento Valley, California, in Borchers, J.W., ed., Land subsidence case studies and current research: Proceedings of the Dr. Joseph F. Poland symposium on land subsidence, Association of Engineering Geologists Special Publication No. 8, p. 89-105."

2) p. 146, caption to photo at top of page, 1st line from bottom: insert "California" after "Lancaster,".

3) p. 155, caption to graphic at top of page, 5th line from top: insert "first" before "three".


1) p. 164, under Part I Mining Ground Water, Introduction, first reference, 3rd line from top: insert "end-of-line and linespace" characters before "Freeze" to separate these two merged references.

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