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Sustainability of Ground-Water Resources--Circular 1186



Technical review of this Circular was provided by John Vecchioli, J.W. LaBaugh, W.W. Lapham, S.A. Leake, and T.C. Winter. G.J. Beserra, M.J. Focazio, Cindy Gehman, P.D. Hays, R.E. Krause, P.J. Lacombe, V.L. McGuire, Jack Monti, D.S. Morgan, L.C. Murray, A.S. Navoy, D.L. Nelms, G.B. Ozuna, G.L. Rowe, M.P. Scorca, A.G. Spinello, and D.K. Yobbi provided information for some of the examples. J.V. Flager, M.A. Kidd, and Chet Zenone provided editorial and technical reviews. The final manuscript was prepared by M.J. VanAlstine, J.K. Monson, J.M. Evans, R.J. Olmstead, E.J. Swibas, and C.L. Anderson.

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