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Sustainability of Ground-Water Resources--Circular 1186



Today, many concerns about the Nation's ground-water resources involve questions about their future sustainability. The sustainability of ground-water resources is a function of many factors, including depletion of ground-water storage, reductions in streamflow, potential loss of wetland and riparian ecosystems, land subsidence, saltwater intrusion, and changes in ground-water quality. Each ground-water system and development situation is unique and requires an analysis adjusted to the nature of the existing water issues. The purpose of this Circular is to illustrate the hydrologic, geologic, and ecological concepts that must be considered to assure the wise and sustainable use of our precious ground-water resources. The report is written for a wide audience of persons interested or involved in the protection and sustainable use of the Nation's water resources.


Charles G. Groat, Director
U.S. Geological Survey

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