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Coordination with agencies and organizations in the Santee River Basin and coastal drainages was integral to the success of this water-quality assessment. We thank those who served as members of our liaison committee.

Federal Agencies

National Park Service, Congaree Swamp National Monument
Natural Resources Conservation Service
U.S. Army Corps of Engineers
U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service
U.S. Forest Service

State Agencies

North Carolina Department of Environment and Natural Resources
Ocean and Coastal Resource Management
South Carolina Department of Health and Environmental Control
South Carolina Department of Natural Resources
South Carolina Forestry Commission
South Carolina Geological Survey
South Carolina Sea Grant Consortium
South Carolina Water Resources Research Institute

Local Agencies

Catawba Regional Planning Council
Charlotte-Mecklenburg Utility Department

Gaston County Cooperative Extension Service
Greenville County Soil and Water Conservation District
Western Piedmont Council of Governments


Columbia College
South Carolina State University
University of North Carolina at Charlotte
University of South Carolina

Other public and private organizations

Catawba Nation
Clean Water Fund of North Carolina
Duke Energy
National Audubon Society
South Carolina Electric and Gas Company
South Carolina Rural Water Association




We thank the following individuals for contributing to this effort.

Barbara Kleiss, Ted Campbell, and Sandra Cooper (USGS); Barry Beasley (South Carolina Department of Natural Resources); and Oscar Penegar (Environmental Advocate) for reviewing the report.

Jeannie Eidson (South Carolina Department of Environmental Control) for providing support and data for geographic information systems.

Larry Bradham (South Carolina Well Drillers Association) for assisting in locating wells for sampling.

Gary Taylor and Ralph Willoughby (South Carolina Geological Survey) for assisting in drilling wells.

The numerous property owners who allowed the USGS to install monitoring wells or sample existing wells on their property.

Ben Abercrombie, Boyce Blanks, Wade Bryant, Kristen Hein, Cliff Hupp, Robert Kelley, Donald Leary, Krystal Lynn, Brent Means, Larry Puckett, Whitney Stringfield, Robert Thorn, and Carlton Wood for providing invaluable technical and field support for the study.

Dick Christie (South Carolina Department of Natural Resources), Ginny Lindsey (North Carolina Clean Water Fund), and Charlie Zemp (South Carolina Department of Natural Resources) for providing guided tours of parts of the Santee Basin.

This report is dedicated to the memory of Don Leary; his quiet strength, hard work, and good humor helped make this study a success.

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U.S. Geological Survey Circular 1206

Suggested citation:

Hughes, W.B., Abrahamsen, T.A., Maluk, T.L., Reuber, E.J., and Wilhelm, L.J., 2000, Water Quality in the Santee River Basin and Coastal Drainages, North and South Carolina, 1995–98: U.S. Geological Survey Circular 1206, 32 p., on-line at

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