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The Quality of Our Nation's Waters

Nutrients and Pesticides

Table of Contents

The first two sections provide a general overview of findings on nutrients and pesticides and their implications for water-resource management and protection. More detailed technical discussions of the sources, distributions, and potential effects of these chemicals are provided in subsequent sections

  Cover, Acknowledgments, Explanation of NAWQA Program, and Introduction to this report (pdf file is 198KB)
A systematic approach to understanding nutrients and pesticides--National water-quality priorities and concerns
(pdf file is 195KB)
National findings and their implications for water policies and strategies (pdf file is 694KB)
Sources of nutrients and pesticides (pdf file is 194KB)
Methods used for collecting and analyzing nutrient and pesticide data (pdf file is 62KB)
Nutrients (pdf file is 7,459KB),This section is also available in 3 separate sections: p. 32-50 (pdf file is 1,914KB), p. 51 (pdf file is 3,774KB), and p 52-55 (pdf file is 1,845KB)
Pesticides (pdf file is 3,413KB)
References (includes Points of contact and back cover) (pdf file is 74KB)

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