Central Region Energy Resources Team

Tabular Data, Text, and Graphical Images in Support of the
1995 National Assessment of United States Oil and Gas Resources

CD-ROM GifDigital Data Series 36

These CD-ROM products were published in support of the 1995 USGS National Assessment of United States Oil and Gas Resources and contain data and information summarizing the results of a 3-year study of the oil and gas resources for onshore and State waters in the United States. The study describes 560 oil and gas plays in the United States—confirmed and hypothetical, conventional and unconventional.

Portions of the original CD-ROMs no longer function on modern computing platforms and have been archived. While these CD-ROM’s are still available and can be obtained by emailing Energy Team CD Distribution (, portions of these data and information have been re-engineered and are currently available online at the Energy Resources Program website. In addition to the 1995 products, new and revised oil and gas resource assessments have been conducted throughout the United States using more comprehensive total petroleum system (TPS) methodologies. Links to these information assets are provided below.

See the website, National Oil and Gas Assessment (NOGA Online) for detailed information, maps and data from DDS-30, DDS-35 and DDS-36.

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