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Facies Analysis and Sequence Stratigraphic Framework of Upper
Campanian Strata (Neslen and Mount Garfield Formations, Bluecastle
Tongue of the Castlegate Sandstone, and Mancos Shale), Eastern Book
Cliffs, Colorado and Utah

By Mark A. Kirschbaum and Robert D. Hettinger

Gale A. Norton, Secretary

Charles G. Groat, Director

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      The purpose of the U.S. Geological Survey's National Oil and Gas Assessment is to develop geologically based hypotheses regarding the potential for additions to oil and gas reserves in priority areas of the United States. This study was completed in support of the oil and gas assessment of the Uinta-Piceance Province.

     The study develops a sequence stratigraphic framework for about 600 ft of Upper Cretaceous strata that are exposed in the Book Cliffs and traceable into the adjacent subsurface areas, between Grand Junction, Colorado, and Green River, Utah, a distance of about 100 mi. About 25 stratigraphic sections were measured on outcrop, four subsurface cross sections were constructed from oil and gas drill holes, and three cores were described to calibrate the geophysical logs to the rock record. Facies and sequence-stratigraphic analysis identifies six high-resolution sequences within part of the Sego Sandstone and the Neslen Formation in Utah, equivalent strata of the Mancos Shale and Mount Garfield Formation in Colorado, and part of the Bluecastle Tongue of the Castlegate Sandstone. The USGS used this geologic framework to define one total petroleum system and four assessment units within the total petroleum system, and quantitatively estimated the undiscovered coalbed gas resources within each assessment unit

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This volume is one of a series of products resulting from the National Oil and Gas Assessment project of the U.S. Geological Survey. Inquiries about this CD-ROM or the project should be addressed to:

Mark A. Kirschbaum
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