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USGS Digital Data Series 071: Surficial geologic maps along the riparian zone of the Animas River and its headwater tributaries, Silverton to Durango, Colorado, with upper Animas River watershed gradient profiles

By Robert W. Blair, Jr., Douglas B. Yager, and Stanley E. Church

U.S. Geological Survey Digital Data Series 071
Version 1.0

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Contains accessible .pdf format files of the 10 surficial geology map plates and the gradient map plate, in compliance with Section 508 of the Rehabilitation Act.

508 DDS PDF file (638 KB)

Surficial Geology Map Plates and Gradient Map Plate:
Plate 1 PDF file (26 KB)
Plate 2 PDF file (26 KB)
Plate 3 PDF file (27 KB)
Plate 4 PDF file (30 KB)
Plate 5 PDF file (26 KB)
Plate 6 PDF file (26 KB)
Plate 7 PDF file (25 KB)
Plate 8 PDF file (24 KB)
Plate 9 PDF file (28 KB)
Plate 10 PDF file (26 KB)
Plate 11 PDF file (25 KB)

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