Flyby Movie of the Lake Tahoe Region

This is a Quicktime movie flying through the colored shaded relief imageof the Lake Tahoe region. Many web browsers are capable of viewing Quicktimemovies. If this movie does not run on your system and you are on a Macintoshor running Windows 95/98/NT try downloading the Quicktime movie-playingprogram from this time, (1999) to our knowledge UNIX platforms cannot run Quicktimedirectly. But there is a program called XANIM available at can be compiled on UNIX platforms to view Quicktime movies.

WARNING: This is a large file (20 mb) so it maytake a few minutes to download.

If the movie is running, you can either watch the whole movie by clickingon the arrow in the bottom left corner of the movie window, or scroll throughscene by scene with the forward and back arrows in the bottom right cornerof the window.

The blue and green tones show the morphology below the water, while thered and brown tones show the mountains of the Sierra Nevada and Carson Rangesurrounding the lake. The black areas around the edge of the lake are theregions not mapped by the multibeam system.

The movie descends into the southern portion of the lake. It travelsover the center of the lake, towards a large failure on the western marginof the lake. There are a couple of debris flows flowing off the margin tothe north and south of the large failure. The movie then turns to the northand looks down a fault scarp at the north end of the lake. Continuing itsturn to the east, the movie overlooks the large failure showing large blockslittering the center basin of the lake. These blocks presumably came fromthe catastrophic failure of the western margin. Finally the movie turnssouth, flies over these large blocks and ends looking at large gullys cutinto the southern margin of the lake.

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