About the USGS Long Valley Caldera Observatory


The USGS regional office in Menlo Park, California, serves as headquarters for the Long Valley Observatory. Data from monitoring instruments located in and around the Long Valley Caldera are sent by radio and satellite telemetry to computers in Menlo Park where they are automatically processed in real time for immediate analysis by scientists. The computers include an automatic paging system that alerts scientists of significant changes in activity 24 hours a day. A response plan links a 5-stage color-code system to activity levels in the caldera and specifies a communication protocol for notifying civil authorities and emergency-response officials at the city, county, state, and Federal levels.

The Long Valley Observatory is directed by a Scientist in Charge and an assistant Scientist in Charge and operated by four team leaders. Teams that monitor activity at Long Valley Caldera are called into action whenever there is a volcanic crisis in the Long Valley area.

The Scientist in Charge:
David Hill, Menlo Park, California, is responsible for overseeing and coordinating the U.S. Geological Survey monitoring efforts in the caldera that are carried out by people working for various groups throughout the USGS. Dave is also responsible for ensuring that accurate and timely hazards assessment and supporting scientific information are issued to all concerned parties, including local, state, and Federal officials and the public.

Associate Scientist in Charge:
Margart Mangan, Menlo Park, California, helps coordinate monitoring efforts and serves as backup to the Scientist in Charge.

Monitoring Team Leader:
Malcolm Johnston, Menlo Park, California, serves as a consultant and advisor to the Chief Scientist in determining monitoring requirements and in analyzing and interpreting the results.

Hazards Team Leader
Dan Miller, Cascades Volcano Observatory, Vancouver, Washington, provides volcano-hazard assessments based on results of the monitoring data and geologic studies.

Support Team Leader
Michael Carr, Menlo Park, California, provides liaison with other agencies and the media. He facilitates resource and logistics backup in case of a field response to a volcanic crisis in the Long Valley region.

Scientific Advisory Team Leader
Wayne Thatcher, Menlo Park, California, leads a team of five senior scientists with broad volcanological and geophysical knowledge that provides the Chief Scientist a calm and objective analysis of an evolving crisis without being caught up in the day-to-day operational responsibilities of the USGS response. The team also provides advice on long-term monitoring, hazard assessment, and scientific strategies.

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