U.S. Geological Survey

Several of the files on the original DDS-11 disk were corrupted 
with spurious carriage-return characters during their time in 
MS-DOS.  The files in question are:


The simplest way to correct the problem is to copy the files using 
a PC-DOS CD-ROM reader and FTP the files to a UNIX machine with a 
DOS communications program such as TELNET.  The FTP step removes 
the extra carriage returns.  

A second alternative is to process the files through a program 
called dos2unix.  A third alternative is the UNIX tr command:
tr -d '\015' kbge.e27x
mv -f kbge.e27x kbge.e27
tr -d '\015' kbge.e28x
mv -f kbge.e28x kbge.e28

Another file, kbge.mos fails with the ARC/INFO MOSSARC command 
probably because the polygon ID number overflows.  The file 
appears to be otherwise healthy and it was intended 
to be used to convert to other non-ARC/INFO systems anyway 
so it is probably still useful as is.

Fixed 4 mistagged polygons in Montana, Idaho, California and Oregon:
                 wrong  right
Record  kbge-id  code   code  code.lc
   757    756    ITV    LTV   lTv
  2084   2083    IMZE   LMZE  lMze
  2134   2133    IP2    LPZ   lPz
  4160   4159    IK     LK    lK

Added the CODE.LC and ROCKDESC fields from the legend coverage, dropped 
the CODE and U fields.  CODE "WTER" became CODE.LC "water".  

June 1997

In preparation for Release 2 of the DDS-11 CD-ROM, fixed several more 
polygon tagging errors.  Digitized metamorphic overlay contacts and 
added a column "METAMOR" to the polygon attribute table.  Re-did all 
the text in ArcView key view on the Mac version of ArcView.  The text 
from the Unix version did not download very well.

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