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Woods Hole Field Center

U.S. Geological Survey Digital Data Series DDS-3, 1995 (CD-ROM)

A Geologic Map of the Sea Floor in Western Massachusetts Bay, Constructed from Digital Sidescan-Sonar Images, Photography, and Sediment Samples

M.H. Bothner, C.M. Parmenter, D.C. Twichell, C.F. Polloni, and H.J. Knebel, with display software by Russell A. Ambroziak.

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Note about CD-ROM publications online: U.S.G.S. CD-ROM publications (commonly Digital-Data Series or Open-file Reports) include a range of different contents and formats used since about 1990. Most newer issues have World-Wide-Web compatible (html) files readable by WWW browser; older issues are accessible via their directory indexes. Some early CD-ROMs, and some published more recently, contain computer applications (programs) intended for use on personal computers to display or manipulate the data. Those applications are unlikely to work across the internet. The online accessibility of these CD-ROMs, is intended to make their information and data files available, even though accompanying display software may not be ideal for this medium in some cases.

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