Coastal Vulnerability to Sea-Level Rise:
A Preliminary Database for the U.S. Atlantic, Pacific and Gulf of Mexico Coasts
U.S. Geological Survey Digital Data Series - 68

       The data provided on this CD are furnished as ArcView shape (.shp, .dbf, .shx) files and Arc export (.e00) files. The shape files are viewable through a series of project files (.aep) set up for use with ArcExplorer, a free GIS viewing software available from ESRI.  In addition, the shape files can be accessed through a project file (.prj) for PC ArcView. 

Data Description:
       The data are stored in an attribute table associated with a 1:2,000,000 shoreline at 3 minute resolution. Thus, for each 3 minute (~5 km) section of shoreline, there are data for each of the following variables -geomorphology, relative rate of sea-level rise, coastal slope, mean wave height, tidal range and erosion and accretion rates, as well as their ranked values ( 1 - 5 ) and the calculated coastal vulnerability index (CVI). These data, with the corresponding metadata, are located in the Directory DATA, within the subdirectory corresponding to the shoreline of interest - Atlantic, Gulf of Mexico, and Pacific. You may either copy the export files directly from the subdirectory to your GIS workspace, or, once opened following the links below, perform a "Save As" and save them to your workspace. The base data provided on this CD-ROM for the states and provinces of the United States, Canada, and Mexico are derived from ESRI sample data. For further information about data processing and data sources, please refer to the open-file reports

Project Files:
The ArcExplorer project files (.aep), one project file for each of the Atlantic, Pacific, and Gulf of Mexico Coasts, are located in the DATA\ Atlantic, DATA\Gulf, DATA\Pacific directories. The ArcView project file (.prj) is located in the DATA directory and accesses the data for each of the three coasts, Atlantic, Pacific, and Gulf of Mexico. These ArcView project files were created in ArcView 3.2 for use with PC ArcView.

Link to Zip File:
CVI.ZIP - This zip file contains the .apr file as well as all subsidiary data files. In addition, each folder (Atlantic, Pacific,and Gulf) contains the .aep project file for each coast.

Export Files:
Atlantic Coast
         Pacific Coast
         Gulf Coast

Metadata Files:
Atlantic Coast
         Pacific Coast
         Gulf Coast

The ArcExplorer projects require the installation of ESRI's ArcExplorer 1.1, available for download at   An ArcExplorer User Guide is available at the same site. More information on ArcExplorer and other ESRI products is available at Once ArcExplorer is installed, the project files (.aep) can be accessed  through the ArcExplorer program.  ArcExplorer is designed for use on the Windows 95/98 and Windows NT platforms. 

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