Data from Selected U.S. Geological Survey National Stream Water-Quality Monitoring Networks (WQN) on CD-ROM
Open-File Report 96-337

By Richard B. Alexander, Amy S. Ludtke, Kathleen K. Fitzgerald, and Terry L. Schertz

For More Information

For further information    Copies of this CD-ROM    Copies of the WQN data
write to:                  and the WQN report       may be obtained through:
                           may be purchased from:

National Water Quality     U.S. Geological Survey   Internet (anonymous FTP) to
 Assessment Program        Branch of Information     directory wqn96
U.S. Geological Survey      Services                 on
413 National Center        Box 25286                     
Reston, Virginia  20192    Denver, Colorado 80225           or
703-648-6869               303-202-4210             WWW browser to URL 

                           Water-Quality Information
         Information concerning water-quality or streamflow data for a 
      particular State should be directed to the District Chief, 
      Water Resources Division, U.S. Geological Survey, for that State.  
      To obtain a contact and phone number for the particular State, 
      you may consult a current listing over Internet at the address  (select "USGS State Representatives") or
      call the National Water Information Center at 1-800-426-9000.

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