Data from Selected U.S. Geological Survey National Stream Water-Quality Monitoring Networks (WQN)
USGS Digital Data Series DDS-37

By Richard B. Alexander, James R. Slack, Amy S. Ludtke, Kathleen K. Fitzgerald,
and Terry L. Schertz


The following are the water-quality and streamflow data files for the station you selected (see below for a description of the file extensions, file formats, and other supporting information):

The following water-quality and streamflow files are available for a companion relocated NASQAN station. Consult the fileWQ_RELOC.DAT for the date of station relocation (the file layout is given in WQ_RELOC.FMT). Other station information files may also be of assistance.

File Extension Definitions

The name of each file is ssssssss.ttt where ssssssss is the 8-digit USGS station number, and ttt is:

Note that these extensions are non-standard MIME types and your browser may request additional action.

File Formats

WQ.FMT provides details of the water-quality file layout.

DMV.FMT provides details of the daily mean streamflow file layout.

Note that within each file there is one record for each date and time sampled except for the daily mean streamflow values where there is one record for each day of the month (31 records to a calendar year). The water-quality records are sorted by date, time, and ending date (which may be present for some biological data).

Also note that the instantaneous streamflow recorded at the time of water-quality sampling is stored in each of the water-quality data files, and is available for use in cases where water-quality and streamflow pairs are required (e.g., correlations between water-quality and flow).

Supporting Water-Quality and Streamflow Information

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