Data Series 116

A Checklist of the Aquatic Invertebrates of the Delaware River Basin, 1990-2000

By Michael D. Bilger, Karen Riva-Murray, and Gretchen L. Wall


This paper details a compilation of aquatic-invertebrate taxa collected at 1,080 sites as part of 13 surface-water-quality studies completed by selected Federal, state, and local environmental agencies during 1990-2000, within the 32,893-km2 area of the Delaware River Basin. This checklist is intended to be a "working list" of aquatic invertebrates that can be applied successfully to the calculation and interpretation of various biological estimators to determine the status of water quality and can be used as a foundation to document the current state of biodiversity. It is not intended as a comprehensive historical inventory of the literature or of private and public holdings. A total of 11 phyla comprising 20 classes, 46 orders, 196 families, 685 genera, and 835 species were recorded.

Table of Contents

Description of the Basin
Aquatic Invertebrates of the Delaware River Basin
References Cited


1. Map showing ecoregions and locations and types of sampling sites within the Delaware River Basin


1. Agencies and programs from which benthic-invertebrate data were obtained for checklist of taxa in the Delaware River Basin
2. Checklist of the aquatic invertebrates of the Delaware River Basin, 1990-2000

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