9-5. Subbottom profiler

Modified by J.R. Smith and K. Satake
(originally written by K. Okino, T. Kodera and M. Takahashi)

Subbottom profiles were obtained using the SEA BEAM 2112.004 Subbottom Profiling Subsystem, which is an additional option to the SEA BEAM 2112 Multibeam Bathymetric System. The capability of the system ranges from 500 m to 11,000 m. Depth penetration varies with bottom composition and may be as much as 75 m. The system uses an array of 60 TR-109 projectors, operating at 4 kHz to form a vertical beam of 45 athwartship and 5 fore/aft. The system startup, parameter setting, and real-time control is performed by a Silicon Graphics Indy workstation running UNIX. The data are displayed on the computer screen and an EPC recorder, and are stored on a hard disk and archived in standard SEGY format on 8 mm tapes.

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