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Digital database of recently active traces of the Hayward Fault, California

By James J. Lienkaemper

2006, revised 2008

Image of Hayward Fault map.

The purpose of this map is to show the location of and evidence for recent movement on active fault traces within the Hayward Fault Zone, California.  The mapped traces represent the integration of the following three different types of data: (1) geomorphic expression, (2) creep (aseismic fault slip),and (3) trench exposures.  This publication is a major revision of an earlier map (Lienkaemper, 1992), which both brings up to date the evidence for faulting and makes it available formatted both as a digital database for use within a geographic information system (GIS) and for broader public access interactively using widely available viewing software. The pamphlet describes in detail the types of scientific observations used to make the map, gives references pertaining to the fault and the evidence of faulting, and provides guidance for use of and limitations of the map. [Last revised Nov. 2008, a minor update for 2007 LiDAR and recent trench investigations; see version history below.]

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