(See pamphlet for full references)


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A1075     Hull and Associates (1979)

A1080     Earth Systems Consultants (1979)

A1153     Cotton and Associates (1979)

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A1240     Earth Systems Consultants (1980a)

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A1281b   Earth Systems Consultants (1987b)

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A2456     Earth Systems Consultants (1990)

A2457     Crosby and Associates (1989)

A2458     Earth Systems Consultants (1988a)

A2459     Lettis and Associates (1991)

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A2461     Earth Systems Consultants (1988b)

A2462     Earth Systems Consultants (1987a)

A2514     California Department of Transportation (1991)

A2516     Terrasearch Incorporated (1991)

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A2590     Terrasearch Incorporated (1990)

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E06, E08 Engeo Incorporated (2006, 2008)

FER101  Smith (1980a)

G01        Geomatrix (2001)

G70        Gribaldo Jones and Associates (1970b)

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G94        Geomatrix (1994)

G96        Geomatrix (1996)

G2007 Geomatrix (2007)

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