Natural-Color Image Mosaics of Afghanistan: Digital Databases and Maps

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Theme: Landsat 7, ETM+, Scene, Path, Orthorectified, Natural Color, Raster, Bands 3, 2, 1 = R,G,B
Place: Afghanistan

The 50 images in this published set are natural color renditions (Landsat bands 3, 2, 1) of the calibrated 6-band Landsat 7 ETM+ mosaics.  We applied the hybrid MODIS-Munsell natural-color transform to the Landsat 28.5-m image data that were produced as 1 x 2 map-tile mosaics by Davis (2006).

The purpose of the dataset is to form a functional and consistent digital natural color image base to support the USGS and USAID natural resource assessments for the country of Afghanistan.

Supplementary Information
Reference: Davis, P. A., 2006, Calibrated Landsat ETM+ nonthermal-band image mosaics of Afghanistan.  U.S. Geological Survey Open File Report 2006-1345, 18 p.


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