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EAARL Topography–Natchez Trace Parkway 2007: First Surface

Amar Nayegandhi,1 John C. Brock,2 C. Wayne Wright,3 Martha Segura,4 and Xan Yates1

1Jacobs Technology Inc., St. Petersburg, FL; 2U.S. Geological Survey, Coastal and Marine Geology Program, Reston, VA; 3U.S. Geological Survey, Florida Integrated Science Center, St. Petersburg, FL; 4National Park Service, Gulf Coast Network, Lafayette, LA.

This DVD contains Lidar-derived first surface (FS) topography GIS datasets of a portion of the Natchez Trace Parkway in Mississipi. These datasets were acquired on September 14, 2007.

Map of the Natchez Trace Parkway

Click on a tile number (1-67) to view the corresponding images and links to each data directory.

Map of a portion of the Natchez Trace Parkway in UTM Zone 16 Tile e218_n3600_16Tile e218_n3602_16Tile e220_n3602_16Tile e222_n3604_16Tile e220_n3604_16Tile e218_n3604_16Tile e222_n3606_16

Map of a portion of the Natchez Trace Parkway in UTM Zone 15, Part 1 Tile e780_n3602_15Tile e780_n3600_15Tile e778_n3600_15Tile e780_n3598_15Tile e778_n3598_15Tile e776_n3598_15Tile e778_n3596_15Tile e776_n3596_15Tile e774_n3596_15Tile e776_n3594_15Tile e774_n3594_15Tile e772_n3594_15Tile e774_n3592_15Tile e772_n3592_15

Map of a portion of the Natchez Trace Parkway in UTM Zone 15, Part 2 Tile e748_n3582_15Tile e748_n3580_15Tile e746_n3580_15Tile e746_n3578_15Tile e744_n3578_15Tile e742_n3578_15Tile e744_n3576_15Tile e742_n3576_15Tile e740_n3576_15Tile e738_n3576_15Tile e736_n3576_15Tile e738_n3574_15Tile e736_n3574_15Tile e734_n3574_15Tile e734_n3572_15Tile e732_n3572_15Tile e732_n3570_15Tile e730_n3572_15Tile e730_n3570_15Tile e728_n3570_15Tile e730_n3568_15Tile e728_n3568_15

Map of a portion of the Natchez Trace Parkway in UTM Zone 16, Part 3 Tile e706_n3556_15Tile e706_n3554_15Tile e708_n3554_15Tile e712_n3560_15Tile e714_n3560_15Tile e714_n3558_15Tile e712_n3558_15Tile e712_n3556_15Tile e710_n3558_15Tile e710_n3556_15Tile e710_n3554_15Tile e708_n3556_15Tile e708_n3552_15Tile e706_n3552_15Tile e716_n3560_15Tile e716_n3562_15Tile e718_n3562_15Tile e720_n3562_15Tile e720_n3564_15Tile e722_n3564_15Tile e724_n3564_15Tile e724_n3566_15Tile e726_n3568_15Tile e726_n3566_15

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