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EAARL Coastal Topography–Virginia, Post-Nor'Ida, 2009

J.M. Bonisteel-Cormier,1 Amar Nayegandhi,2 Xan Fredericks,2 E.S. Klipp,2 D.B. Nagle,3 Saisudha Vivekanandan,2 C.W. Wright,1 A.H. Sallenger,1 and J.C. Brock4

1U.S. Geological Survey, St. Petersburg Coastal and Marine Science Center, St. Petersburg, FL; 2Jacobs Technology Inc., St. Petersburg, FL; 3Jacobs Technology Inc., Reston, VA; 4U.S. Geological Survey, Coastal and Marine Geology Program, Reston, VA.

This DVD contains lidar-derived first-surface (FS) and bare-earth (BE) topography GIS datasets of a portion of the Virginia coastline beachface. These datasets were acquired post-Nor'Ida on November 27, 2009, November 29, 2009, and December 1, 2009.

Click on a tile number (1 - 103) to view the corresponding images and links to each data directory.

UTM Map of the Virginia coastline Tile e422_n4048_18 Tile e422_n4046_18 Tile e420_n4048_18 Tile e420_n4050_18 Tile e420_n4052_18 Tile e420_n4054_18 Tile e420_n4056_18 Tile e418_n4056_18 Tile e418_n4058_18 Tile e418_n4060_18 Tile e416_n4060_18 Tile e418_n4062_18 Tile e416_n4062_18 Tile e416_n4064_18 Tile e416_n4066_18 Tile e414_n4066_18 Tile e414_n4068_18 Tile e416_n4068_18 Tile e414_n4070_18 Tile e414_n4072_18 Tile e412_n4074_18 Tile e414_n4076_18 Tile e414_n4074_18 Tile e412_n4076_18 Tile e412_n4078_18 Tile e412_n4080_18 Tile e412_n4082_18 Tile e412_n4084_18 Tile e410_n4084_18 Tile e412_n4086_18 Tile e410_n4086_18 Tile e410_n4088_18 Tile e408_n4088_18 Tile e418_n4108_18 Tile e418_n4110_18 Tile e420_n4110_18 Tile e420_n4112_18 Tile e422_n4114_18 Tile e424_n4114_18 Tile e422_n4112_18 Tile e424_n4116_18 Tile e426_n4116_18 Tile e426_n4118_18 Tile e426_n4120_18 Tile e428_n4120_18 Tile e428_n4122_18 Tile e428_n4124_18 Tile e428_n4126_18 Tile e428_n4128_18 Tile e430_n4128_18 Tile e430_n4130_18 Tile e432_n4134_18 Tile e432_n4132_18 Tile e434_n4132_18 Tile e432_n4130_18 Tile e434_n4134_18 Tile e434_n4138_18 Tile e434_n4136_18 Tile e436_n4136_18 Tile e436_n4138_18 Tile e436_n4140_18 Tile e438_n4140_18 Tile e438_n4142_18 Tile e438_n4144_18 Tile e440_n4144_18 Tile e440_n4146_18 Tile e440_n4148_18 Tile e440_n4150_18 Tile e440_n4152_18 Tile e442_n4152_18 Tilee442_n4154_18 Tilee444_n4154_18 Tile e422_n4046_18 Tile e444_n4156_18 Tile e444_n4158_18 Tilee446_n4158_18 Tile e446_n4160_18 Tile e444_n4160_18 Tile e444_n4162_18 Tile e446_n4164_18 Tile e444_n4166_18 Tile e444_n4164_18 Tile e446_n4166_18 Tile e446_n4168_18 Tile e446_n4170_18 Tile e446_n4172_18 Tile e448_n4172_18 Tile e448_n4174_18 Tile e448_n4176_18 Tile e422_n4046_18 Tile e448_n4178_18 Tile e450_n4178_18 Tile e450_n4180_18 Tile e452_n4180_18 Tile e452_n4182_18 Tile e452_n4184_18 Tile e454_n4184_18 Tile e454_n4186_18 Tile e454_n4188_18 Tile e456_n4188_18 Tile e458_n4190_18 Tile e456_n4190_18 Tile e458_n4192_18

Click on the link below to access the shapefile directory of the 2-km by 2-km tile extents displayed above.

Shapefile of Tile Extents

Click on the links below to view mosaics of the data.

Bare Earth (BE) 5-meter-resolution mosaic

First Surface (FS) 5-meter-resolution mosaic

Suggested Citation: Bonisteel-Cormier, J.M., Nayegandhi, Amar, Fredericks, Xan, Klipp, E.S., Nagle, D.B., Vivekanandan, Saisudha, Wright, C.W., Sallenger, A.H., and Brock, J.C., 2011, EAARL coastal topography–Virginia, post-Nor'Ida, 2009: U.S. Geological Survey Data Series 638, 1 DVD.

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Tile e422_n4046_18

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