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U.S. Geological Survey Data Series 677



This digital database was originally compiled in ArcInfo coverage format using ArcInfo version 7.2.1. The database was upgraded for this release to ArcGIS 9.3.1 personal geodatabase format and consists of geologic map feature classes for Plate 1 from U.S. Geological Survey Professional Paper 1762. ArcGIS-compatible GIS software is therefore required to use the files of this database. The geodatabase is stored in a single zipped folder (DS-677.zip) in this release for ease of transfer. The scale of the source mapping limits the spatial resolution of the database to 1:25,000 scale or less detailed. Available ArcGIS feature classes are described below:

ArcGIS feature class Description
 geologic_lines Contacts between rock units (lines)
 geologic_polys Rock units (polygons)
 large_boulders Locations of isolated large boulders from debris avalanches (points)
 levees_lineations Debris avalanche levees, old shorelines, etc. (lines)
 pumice_pits Locations of 1950s pumice mines (points)
 strike_dip Strike and dip measurement locations and values (points)

View the README file for the digital database.

Download DS-677.zip containing the digital database.

Federal Geographic Data Committee (FGDC) metadata are available for the database in text format.






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