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Data Series 844

Land Cover Trends Dataset, 1973–2000

By Christopher E. Soulard, William Acevedo, Roger F. Auch, Terry L. Sohl, Mark A. Drummond, Benjamin M. Sleeter, Daniel G. Sorenson, Steve Kambly, Tamara S. Wilson, Janis L. Taylor, Kristi L. Sayler, Michael P. Stier, Christopher A. Barnes, Steve C. Methven, Thomas R. Loveland, Rachel Headley, and Mark S. Brooks

Thumbnail of and link to report PDF (3.7 MB)Abstract

The U.S. Geological Survey Land Cover Trends Project is releasing a 1973–2000 time-series land-use/land-cover dataset for the conterminous United States. The dataset contains 5 dates of land-use/land-cover data for 2,688 sample blocks randomly selected within 84 ecological regions. The nominal dates of the land-use/land-cover maps are 1973, 1980, 1986, 1992, and 2000. The land-use/land-cover maps were classified manually from Landsat Multispectral Scanner, Thematic Mapper, and Enhanced Thematic Mapper Plus imagery using a modified Anderson Level I classification scheme. The resulting land-use/land-cover data has a 60-meter resolution and the projection is set to Albers Equal-Area Conic, North American Datum of 1983. The files are labeled using a standard file naming convention that contains the number of the ecoregion, sample block, and Landsat year. The downloadable files are organized by ecoregion, and are available in the ERDAS IMAGINETM (.img) raster file format.

Download Data by Ecoregion Name

  1. Coast Range ZIP (1.2 MB)
  2. Puget Lowland ZIP (1.3 MB)
  3. Willamette Valley ZIP (1.2 MB)
  4. Cascades ZIP (1.3 MB)
  5. Sierra Nevada ZIP (1.3 MB)
  6. California Chaparral and Oak Woodlands ZIP (1.5 MB)
  7. Central California Valley ZIP (1.5 MB)
  8. Southern California Mountains ZIP (1.1 MB)
  9. Eastern Cascade Slopes and Foothills ZIP (1.1 MB)
  10. Columbia Plateau ZIP (1.2 MB)
  11. Blue Mountains ZIP (1.1 MB)
  12. Snake River Basin ZIP (990 KB)
  13. Central Basin and Range ZIP (1.1 MB)
  14. Mojave Basin and Range ZIP (1.3 MB)
  15. Northern Rockies ZIP (1.3 MB)
  16. Montana Valley and Foothill Prairies ZIP (725 KB)
  17. Middle Rockies ZIP (1.6 MB)
  18. Wyoming Basin ZIP (880 KB)
  19. Wasatch and Uinta Mountains ZIP (1.2 MB)
  20. Colorado Plateaus ZIP (1 MB)
  21. Southern Rockies ZIP (1.3 MB)
  22. Arizona/New Mexico Plateau ZIP (1 MB)
  23. Arizona/New Mexico Mountains ZIP (1.2 MB)
  24. Chihuahuan Deserts ZIP (905 KB)
  25. Western High Plains ZIP (1.3 MB)
  26. Southwestern Tablelands ZIP (953 KB)
  27. Central Great Plains ZIP (1.5 MB)
  28. Flint Hills ZIP (1 MB)
  29. Central Oklahoma/Texas Plains ZIP (1.5 MB)
  30. Edwards Plateau ZIP (1.4 MB)
  31. Southern Texas Plains ZIP (1.1 MB)
  32. Texas Blackland Prairies ZIP (1.6 MB)
  33. East Central Texas Plains ZIP (1.7 MB)
  34. Western Gulf Coastal Plain ZIP (1.8 MB)
  35. South Central Plains ZIP (1.4 MB)
  36. Ouachita Moutains ZIP (1 MB)
  37. Arkansas Valley ZIP (1.3 MB)
  38. Boston Mountains ZIP (1.1 MB)
  39. Ozark Highlands ZIP (1.6 MB)
  40. Central Irregular Plains ZIP (1.1 MB)
  41. Canadian Rockies ZIP (1.1 MB)
  42. Northwestern Glaciated Plains ZIP (1 MB)
  43. Northwestern Great Plains ZIP (1.3 MB)
  44. Nebraska Sandhills ZIP (852 KB)
  45. Piedmont ZIP (1.2 MB)
  46. Northern Glaciated Plains ZIP (1.2 MB)
  47. Western Corn Belt Plains ZIP (1.3 MB)
  48. Lake Agassiz Plain ZIP (922 KB)
  49. Northern Minnesota Wetlands ZIP (1 MB)
  50. Northern Lakes and Forests ZIP (1.4 MB)
  51. North Central Hardwood Forests ZIP (1.5 MB)
  52. Driftless Area ZIP (1.3 MB)
  53. Southeastern Wisconsin Till Plains ZIP (1.5 MB)
  54. Central Corn Belt Plains ZIP (1.3 MB)
  55. Eastern Corn Belt Plains ZIP (1.3 MB)
  56. Southern Michigan/Northern Indiana Drift Plains ZIP (1.5 MB)
  57. Huron/Erie Lake Plain ZIP (1.5 MB)
  58. Northeastern Highlands ZIP (1.2 MB)
  59. Northeastern Coastal Zone ZIP (1.6 MB)
  60. Northern Appalachian Plateau and Uplands ZIP (1.2 MB)
  61. Erie Drift Plains ZIP (1.3 MB)
  62. North Central Appalachians ZIP (655 KB)
  63. Middle Atlantic Coastal Plain ZIP (1.2 MB)
  64. Northern Piedmont ZIP (1 MB)
  65. Southeastern Plains ZIP (1 MB)
  66. Blue Ridge Mountains ZIP (710 KB)
  67. Ridge and Valley ZIP (1.7 MB)
  68. Southwestern Appalachians ZIP (940 KB)
  69. Central Appalachians ZIP (1.2 MB)
  70. Western Allegheny Plateau ZIP (1.7 MB)
  71. Interior Plateau ZIP (1.7 MB)
  72. Interior River Lowland ZIP (1.6 MB)
  73. Mississippi Alluvial Plain ZIP (1.3 MB)
  74. Mississippi Valley Loess Plains ZIP (1.3 MB)
  75. Southern Coastal Plain ZIP (1.8 MB)
  76. Southern Florida Coastal Plain (944 KB)
  77. North Cascades ZIP (1.2 MB)
  78. Klamath Mountains ZIP (1.1 MB)
  79. Madrean Archipelago ZIP (562 KB)
  80. Northern Basin and Range ZIP (900 KB)
  81. Sonoran Basin and Range ZIP (1 MB)
  82. Laurentian Plains and Hills ZIP (1.3 KB)
  83. Eastern Great Lakes and Hudson Lowlands ZIP (1.4 MB)
  84. Atlantic Coastal Pine Barrens ZIP (992 KB)

First posted August 5, 2014

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Land Cover Trends Project

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Suggested citation:

Soulard, C.E., Acevedo, W., Auch, R.F., Sohl, T.L., Drummond, M.A., Sleeter, B.M., Sorenson, D.G., Kambly, S., Wilson, T.S., Taylor, J.L., Sayler, K.L., Stier, M.P., Barnes, C.A., Methven, S.C., Loveland, T.R., Headley, R., and Brooks, M.S., 2014, Land cover trends dataset, 1973–2000: U.S. Geological Survey Data Series 844, 10 p.,

ISSN 2331-1258 (online)





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