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Earthquake data from the U.S. National Seismograph Network and other stations feed into USGS computers, located in Golden, Colo., via satellite transmissions and through the Internet. information. The United States National Seismograph Network (USNSN), operated by the USGS, provides uniform coverage of the whole Nation and integrates data from the regional networks. The NEIC rapidly reports earthquakes to Federal, State, and local emer- gency managers, public utilities, the media, and the public. The RSN’s fulfill a similar role within their regions. The cooperation and coordination of the RSN’s and the USNSN is organized through the Council of the National Seismic System (CNSS), of which the USGS is the steward. Understanding Earthquake Hazards Across the United States M ore than 2,500 seismograph stations monitor earthquakes throughout the conterminous United States, Alaska, and Hawaii. The stations are grouped into regional networks operated by local institutions. The U.S. Geological Survey (USGS) supports many of these regional networks and operates its own nationwide network. The regional seismograph networks (RSN’s) provide infor- mation about earthquakes to the USGS National Earthquake Information Center (NEIC) in Colorado, which serves as a nation- al point of contact for distributing earthquake Monitoring  Earthquakes Across the United States T hose who plan for and respond to earthquake disasters, and those who study earthquakes, require timely notification of earthquake occurrences and informa- tion to mitigate losses. Earthquake events throughout the United States are cur- rently monitored by sophisticated systems that provide the notification and information needed by decision makers before and during times of crisis. The national and regional earthquake monitoring systems for the United States have evolved into one of the world’s finest emergency-management and research tools. USGS Fact Sheet 146-97 1997 U.S. Department of the Interior U.S. Geological Survey logo