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Fact Sheet 066-01 Online Version 1.0

Geology of the Woods Hole Area, Massachusetts: The Story behind the Landscape

By Deborah Hutchinson and Beth Schwarzman

The geologic story of the Woods Hole area, Cape Cod, Mass., was written by glacial ice during the last ice age and edited by the ocean waves. If you learn to read today's landscape, you can see the fascinating history it records. The features of Cape Cod, from the ponds and cranberry bogs to the gently sloping sandy uplands and rocky, irregular hills to the beaches, result from the glacial processes that built the cape and the marine processes that still shape it.

Many geologists since the late 19th century have contributed to telling this story. The U.S. Geological Survey has studied the geology of Cape Cod in order to provide people with objective scientific data that can be applied to wise stewardship of the land and coasts.

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