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At the corner of 17th and C Streets, turn left and walk north along 17th Street. On our way to the Corcoran Gallery, we will pass the Red Cross building (marble, 1917). Some of the same types of marble deterioration observed at other locations are also present here.

Corcoran Gallery -- Site 11

Corcoran Gallery

The Corcoran Gallery is built mostly of marble.

The Corcoran Gallery is marble with a granite base. It was built in 1879 and enlarged in 1927. Ornate carvings around the roof, doors, and windows have blackened crusts of gypsum, as do parts of the marble pedestals supporting the bronze lions at the front door. The marble bases also have inclusions that stand out above the surrounding calcite, which has been dissolved away.

Feldspar inclusions in marble
Marble bases for bronze lions outside the entrance to the Corcoran Gallery have feldspar inclusions that stand in relief compared to the roughened surrounding calcite.

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Sites 9-14

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