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Continue south on 15th Street to Constitution Avenue. From the corner of 15th Street and Constitution, follow some of the foot paths half a kilometer (three tenths of a mile) to the Washington Monument

Washington Monument -- Site 14

This monument was begun in 1848, but it was not finished until 1885; the change in color about 150 feet up marks a change in the type of marble used to face the monument. Although it is made of marble, its smooth, straight shape and the massive blocks used in this monument have minimized the effect of acid precipitation. Dissolution does occur in a few areas, but the amount of stone material lost from dissolution is insignificant compared to the mass of the stone.

Washington Monument

The straight shape and massive stones in the Washington Monument minimize the impact of acid precipitation to this important landmark.

Our tour ends here, but there are many more stone buildings and monuments in Washington and in other cities that may also show the effects of urban pollution and acid precipitation. However, as seen on this tour, not all of the deterioration of stone buildings is caused by acid rain. To protect our historic stone buildings and monuments, we need to limit air pollution that contributes to acid rain deterioration, and we need to develop effective maintenance and preservation procedures that will not further harm the stone.

sites 9-14
Sites 9-14

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