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To continue the tour, follow the pathway that heads west along the north side of the Capitol, towards First Street. As you approach First Street you will see a sandstone, diabase (a dark igneous rock), and granite fence with various carvings. Because these stone types are resistant to acid attack, the carvings show little damage.

The Peace Monument -- Site 2

Peace Monument

The Peace Monument, dedicated in 1878, is made of Italian marble.

This monument, dedicated in 1878, is made of marble from Carrara, Italy. The statue does not show much damage, but if you look closely, you can see alteration crusts (some are light orange) in protected places and graininess and roughness in places that are exposed to rain. Carved statues present varied surfaces that direct rain washing and runoff.

sites 1-4
Sites 1-4

Map of All Sites on the Tour [102 K image]

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