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To continue, we will cross 17th Street and examine parts of several buildings as we walk north.

Organization of American States Building -- Site 8

OAS building

The Organization of American States Building is made of marble and was dedicated in 1910.

This marble building was dedicated in 1910. Two sculptures in the front of the building show some alteration crusts in sheltered areas and dissolution in exposed areas. In back of the building the marble baluster on the patio are covered with blackened crusts, especially on the sides facing the garden. In many places the crusts have blistered or spalled off, exposing new surfaces to alteration. In general, the patio sides of the balusters are in much better condition than the sides that face the garden, perhaps because washing of the patio has washed off the gypsum crusts on that side of the balusters.

Blackened gypsum crusts
Blackened gypsum crusts may blister and spall off, exposing a crumbling stone surface to further pollution.

sites 5-8
Sites 5-8

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