Macdonald, G.A., Abbott, A.T., and Peterson, F.L., 1983 (Second Edition), Volcanoes in the sea: The geology of Hawaii: University of Hawaii Press, Honolulu, 517 p. (A handsome book that provides the best overview of the eruptive and other geologic processes that have shaped the Hawaiian Islands.)

Peck, D.L., Wright, T.L., and Decker, R.W., 1979, The lava lakes of Kilauea: Scientific American, v. 241, no. 4, p.114-128. (An excellent summary of the methods and scientific results of drilling of Kilauea's molten lava lakes, which are natural laboratories for studying the cooling and crystallization of Hawaiian magma.)

Tilling, R.l., 1982, Volcanoes: U.S. Geological Survey series of general-interest publications, 46 p. (A general introduction for the nonspecialist to the study of volcanoes, with focus on the nature, types, workings, products, and hazards of volcanoes.)

Tilling, R.l., 1984, Monitoring active volcanoes: U.S. Geological Survey series of general-interest publications, 13 p. (A generalized introduction to the common techniques of volcano monitoring, with a brief commentary on some eruptions during the 1975-1982 period, including Mauna Loa, Kilauea, Mount St. Helens, and El Chichon [Mexico].)

Tilling, R.l., 1984, Eruptions of Mount St. Helens: Past, present, and future: U.S. Geological Survey series of general-interest publications, 46 p. (A nontechnical summary, illustrated by many color photographs and diagrams, of the abundant scientific data available for the volcano, with emphasis on the catastrophic eruption of May 18, 1980, which caused the worst volcanic disaster in U.S. history.)

Westervelt, W.D., 1963, Hawaiian legends of volcanoes: Charles E. Tuttle Company, Rutland, Vermont, 205 p. (An interesting collection of legends and stories about Pele, Hawaiian Goddess of Volcanoes, and her volcanic exploits and deeds.)

Selected Viewings

The best way to see Hawaiian eruptive activity is to visit Hawaii Volcanoes National Park -- at the right time and place. The next best thing is to view movies or videos of Hawaiian eruptions, some of which are listed here. Some school and public libraries might have them in their collections.

Case History of a Volcano, National Educational Television, Film Service, Indiana University Audio-Visual Center, Bloomington, Indiana 47401. (A presentation of the methods used by scientists of the Hawaiian Volcano Observatory to study Hawaiian volcanoes.)

Eruption of Kilauea, 1959-60, Modern Talking Picture Service, Inc., 5000 Park Street North, St. Petersburg, Florida 33709. (This award-winning film contains spectacular footage of the highest lava fountains ever recorded and of the formation of Kilauea Iki lava lake.)

Fire Mountain, Encyclopedia Britannica Educational Corporation, 425 North Michigan Avenue, Chicago, Illinois 60611. (Short but excellent film on the 1969-71 Mauna Ulu eruption of Kilauea Volcano.)

Fire Under the Sea -- The Origin of Pillow Lava, Moonlight Productions, 2650 California Street, Apt. B, Mountain View, California 94040. (This film features the actual sights and sounds of underwater movement of red-hot lava and formation of pillow lava, as filmed by SCUBA-diving scientists, during the 1969-74 Mauna Ulu eruptions of Kilauea.)

Heartbeat of a Volcano, Encyclopedia Britannica Education Corporation, 425 North Michigan Avenue, Chicago, Illinois 60611. (A case study of an eruption of Kilauea Volcano through the eyes of the scientists of the Hawaiian Volcano Observatory; it contains dramatic scenes of active lava tubes.)

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