U.S. Geological Survey
10 Name: Post Office Pavilion and Nancy Hanks Center Tower
Location: 12th Street and Pennsylvania Avenue NW
Building Stones: Exterior, Maine granites; interior mezzanine floor, white and orange marble with green serpentine
Remarks: This building, an example of Romanesque architecture, was completed in 1899. The bells in the central tower are replicas of the bells at Westminster Abbey, London, England, and were a gift from England for the Nation's bicentennial.
Post Office Pavilion/Nancy Hanks Center Tower

12 Name: Museum of Natural History, Smithsonian Institution
Location: 10th Street and Constitution Avenue NW
Building Stones: Exterior, ground floor, Massachusetts pink granite; two main floors, Vermont white granite; top floor, Mount Airy, N.C., white granite; doorway on Mall side, greenish-pink granite
Remarks: The central part of the building was completed in 1911; two wings were added in 1963 and 1965 to hold the ever-increasing collections.
Museum of Natural History

13 Name: National Archives Building
Location: Pennsylvania Avenue and 8th Street NW
Building Stones: Exterior, Milford, Mass., granite and Indiana limestone; interior, Missouri golden vein marble; foyer, Tennessee marble
Remarks: This building, completed in 1938, is a fine example of Greek Revival architecture. It contains the original copies of the Declaration of Independence, the Constitution, and the Bill of Rights.
National Archives Building

14 Name: U.S. Navy Memorial
Location: 800 block of Pennsylvania Avenue NW
Building Stones: Quebec, Canada, black granite, Rhode Island light-gray granite; patio, Catskills, N.Y., green sandstone; border, Deer Isle, Maine, lavender granite
Remarks: The oceans and continents on this massive globe (100 feet in diameter) were cut by computer-controlled water jets and glued together. The compass at the south entrance contains a mosaic of white marble, bronze, and polished black granite. The monument was dedicated in 1987.
U.S. Navy Memorial

15 Name: Apex Building/Federal Trade Commission
Location: Pennsylvania Avenue and 6th Street NW
Building Stones: Exterior base, Milford, Mass., granite; exterior, Indiana limestone
Remarks: This building, completed in 1937, serves as the apex of the Federal Triangle, which is the area between 14th Street, Constitution Avenue, and Pennsylvania Avenue, NW, that contains many of the Federal Government's office buildings.
Apex Building/FTC

16 Name: National Gallery of Art West Building
Location: 6th Street and Constitution Avenue NW
Building Stones: Exterior, Tennessee light-pink marble; floors, Vermont verde antique marble; columns in rotunda, Carrara, Italy, brecciated marble; restrooms, Missouri marble; fountains at each end, Jasper County, Mo., Ozark travertine marble; walls of galleries, fossil-bearing Alabama limestone
Remarks: Completed in 1941, the gallery was designed by J.R. Pope, who also designed the National Archives Building and the Jefferson Memorial. The pink marble at the base becomes lighter pink toward the nearly white dome; this subtle color shift is seen most clearly when the marble is wet.
National Gallery of Art West Building

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