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Volcanic activity during the past 2,000 years in Alaska.

Alaskan volcanoes

 The Alaska Peninsula and the Aleutian Islands have about 80 major volcanic centers that consist of one or more volcanoes. Recent violent eruptions have demonstrated that volcanic hazards do exist in some areas of Alaska, even though it is sparsely populated. Alaskan volcanoes have produced one or two eruptions per year since 1900. At least 20 catastrophic caldera-forming eruptions have occurred in the past 10,000 years; the awesome eruption of 1912 at Novarupta in the Katmai National Monument is the most recent. Scientists are particularly concerned about the volcanoes whose eruptions can affect the Cook Inlet region, where 60 percent of Alaska's population lives.

 Volcanic activity during the past 2,000 years in Alaska

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