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Lahars generated during the eruption threatened an oil-storage facility located on the banks of Drift River. Oil is pumped from more than a dozen wells in Cook Inlet to the facility and then loaded onto tankers, which dock just offshore. A lahar on January 2 flooded part of the facility with nearly a meter of water, forcing its shutdown until workers could restore power. This and subsequent lahars prompted the Cook Inlet Pipeline Company to temporarily halt oil production from some oil wells and reduce the amount of oil stored at the facility between tanker loadings.


 Rock from the lava dome of Redoubt Volcano deposited in a river valley by a lahar during an eruption on January 8, 1990. When found 6 days later, the temperature of the rock was still 145°C. (Photograph by C. Dan Miller.)

 Lava dome, Redoubt Volcano

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