California, Nevada
HA 730-B

Coastal Basins aquifers

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Los Angeles-Orange County coastal plain aquifer system

Figure 128 Map of area of ground water below sea level, early 1950s (14K)
Figure 128 editable eps file b128.eps.gz (37K compressed)

Figure 129 Map of ground-water movement (12K)
Figure 129 editable eps file b129.eps.gz (31K compressed)

Figure 130 Diagrams showing methods of limiting seawater intrusion (24K)
Figure 130 editable eps file b130.eps.gz (737K compressed)

Figure 131 Map of area of ground-water level below sea level, late1980s (13K)
Figure 131editable eps file b131.eps.gz (29 Kcompressed)

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