U.S. Geological Survey

U.S. Geological Survey Miscellaneous Investigations Series I-2679

Seismic-Hazard Maps for Alaska and the Aleutian Islands

By Robert L. Wesson, Arthur D. Frankel, Charles S. Mueller, and Stephen C. Harmsen

This map is presented in two parts, in Portable Document Format.
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Map sheets in PDF format:
Sheet 1 (2-MB PDF file)
Sheet 2 (2-MB PDF file)

Coverages in ARC/INFO Export format and associated metadata text files:
AK1HZ050 Coverage Metadata
AK1HZ250 Coverage Metadata
AK3HZ050 Coverage Metadata
AK3HZ250 Coverage Metadata
AK5HZ050 Coverage Metadata
AK5HZ250 Coverage Metadata
AKPGA050 Coverage Metadata
AKPGA250 Coverage Metadata

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