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Miscellaneous Investigations Series I-1874

Geologic Map of Yosemite National Park and Vicinity, California: a digital database

Compiled By N. King Huber, Paul C. Bateman, and Clyde Wahrhaftig

Digital database by D. Aitken and E. Phillips


This digital map database represents the general distribution of bedrock and surficial deposits of the Yosemite National Park vicinity. It was produced directly from the file used to create the print version in 1989. The Yosemite National Park region is comprised of portions of 15 7.5 minute quadrangles. The original publication of the map in 1989 included the map, described map units and provided correlations, as well as a geologic summary and references, all on the same sheet. The database delineates map units that are identified by general age and lithology following the stratigraphic nomenclature of the U.S. Geological Survey. The scale of the source maps limits the spatial resolution (scale) of the database to 1:125,000 or smaller.

The database for this map was created to provide access to the data contained on this previously published map via the web. This database and the accompanying PDF file depict the distribution of geologic materials and structures at a regional (1:125,000) scale. The PDF file of the map was created by scanning the existing paper map, and it is not intended as a cartographic product.


browse graphic of map
This illustration is a .gif (GIF) image of the geologic map of Yosemite National Park and vicinity.


File Name
File Type and Description
File Size
Text file that gives more information about this publication
8 Kb
Text file of the FGDC-compliant metadata
16 Kb
Compressed file of the digital database for this map
1.5 MB
PDF file of map sheet that can be used for viewing map in a browser, as well as for plotting. This PDF was created by scanning an existing map.
12.2 MB

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